“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin

Here are comments from some of my counselling clients (reproduced with their permission):

 “For over 30 years, my mind and I haven’t always understood one another. I spent years with various therapists trying to “understand my past” or “change my thoughts” but something was missing. It was Claire. She has helped me understand “me”. I say “helped me” because that is what she does; helps you to discover “you”, not be told who you are and why. Her methods are so engaging and thought-provoking that I found so many answers in myself that were there all along – Claire helped to guide me to them. I feel like I finally have confidence in who I am and Claire has helped me do the impossible; smile, relax and most of all, to like myself again. I simply cannot recommend her enough.”

Julia, Herts.

“I want to thank you for helping me to understand my past and develop myself. Through some of the sessions I challenged myself to delve deeper and to confront issues head-on. I addressed past actions that I had not properly understood, which were affecting my behaviour. I have not  looked back since and am now more confident. Counselling has had a very positive impact on my life.”

James, Herts.

“Claire has given me the tools to counsel myself so that when I find myself thinking about situations or am dealing with difficulties or uncertainties, I am able to stand back and examine them objectively and in a more multifaceted way.”

Jonathan, Herts.

“Claire has helped me through a very difficult and challenging time in my life. Having someone like Claire to talk to was amazing and I found I was able to discuss issues that I was unable to talk to friends and family about. Claire does more than listen and had a genuine concern for me, but most of all she has put a smile back on my face.”

Brian, North London.

“I worked with Claire at a time in my life when I had a lot of questions about my path and where I was heading.  Claire was non-judgmental, attentive and respectful of my views and my life experiences.  Her commitment to my process and her level of integrity provided me with a very safe and beautiful space in which to work through my questions and she helped me to get clearer and more focused.  Claire is a gentle and loving presence, with a gift for supporting and helping people.”

Jarwed, Herts.

“I found our counselling sessions intriguing, revealing, useful and helpful.  I came to trust you very much, and found you extremely supportive, warm and empowering yet also, when necessary, gently challenging.”

Alice, Herts.

“I found Claire very supportive, perceptive, and kind, and her support has helped me to realise I am always connected to other people, and to kindness.”

Maria, London.

“I had been through a particularly trying time in my private life.  It was beginning to seriously affect my work and even my ability to complete a normal day.

I picked Claire at random as a counsellor but it is, without doubt, one of the best pieces of luck I have had bestowed upon me.  From the start, Claire has been supportive, caring, understanding and professional.  The techniques and practices I have learned with Claire are easy to use and truly effective at helping address the issues I encountered.

Undergoing counselling is never easy but I found that in just nine short months I regained my ability to cope with life, including all of the little stresses along the way.  I stopped my sessions with Claire about a month ago and in that time things have not been smooth sailing.  What has changed though is the way in which I am able to approach situations.  I still constantly use the techniques she taught me and, believe it or not, they are still working wonderfully, even though Claire isn’t there to assist me.

I have found a counselling technique that is useable, easy to integrate into your life and works so simply yet effectively.”

Leslie, Herts.

“Thank you for all your help and support.  You definitely played a part in helping me to feel confident during my interview.”

Karen, Herts.

“Therapy with Claire was an amazing journey into discovering my true self and personally helped me in saving my marriage. A profound insight and a revelation into living a whole and fulfilling life. It’s like reading a Holy book only titled “Life according to me” Chapter 1 Verses 1 to infinity…”


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