Are you suffering with nightmares?

Are you feeling restless?

Are you prone to bouts of depression?

Are you experiencing unexplained anger?

Are you feeling frightened and unsafe?


The response to trauma can manifest itself in many different ways and prevent you from leading your life fully. I use a combination of powerful techniques to rebuild your ability to trust, feel safe in the world again and restore your faith in life.

“I had been through a particularly trying time in my private life.  It was beginning to seriously affect my work and even my ability to complete a normal day. 

I picked Claire at random as a counsellor but it is, without doubt, one of the best pieces of luck I have had bestowed upon me.  From the start, Claire has been supportive, caring, understanding and professional.  The techniques and practices I have learned with Claire are easy to use and truly effective at helping address the issues I encountered.

Undergoing counselling is never easy but I found that in just nine short months I regained my ability to cope with life, including all of the little stresses along the way.  I stopped my sessions with Claire about a month ago and in that time things have not been smooth sailing.  What has changed though is the way in which I am able to approach situations.  I still constantly use the techniques she taught me and, believe it or not, they are still working wonderfully, even though Claire isn’t there to assist me.

I have found a counselling technique that is useable, easy to integrate into your life and works so simply yet effectively.”

Leslie, Herts.

Email or call me on 07957 418 985 to discuss this issue in confidence.