Relationship difficulties

Are you questioning your relationship?

Are you bored and dissatisfied in your relationship?

Is there something missing?

Are you struggling with friends or with members of your family?

Or are you struggling socially in general?


I will help you address relationship issues with partners, parents or other family members. This involves providing support to tackle unresolved issues and improving your ability to communicate needs and wants in the relationship.  I work with individuals rather than couples.

“Claire has helped me through a very difficult and challenging time in my life. Having someone like Claire to talk to was amazing and I found I was able to discuss issues that I was unable to talk to friends and family about. Claire does more than listen and had a genuine concern for me, but most of all she has put a smile back on my face.”

Brian, North London.

Email or call me on 07957 418 985 to discuss this issue in confidence.