Low self-esteem

Are you undervaluing yourself?

Do you tend to experience others as not valuing you?

Are you underachieving?

Are you unfulfilled in your current job and feeling as though you are not reaching your potential?


A similar issue to lack of confidence, the therapeutic process involves exploring feelings of being unworthy. Sessions act as a mirror, reflecting your unique gifts and helping you to become more accepting of yourself.

Fear of not being good enough is one of the most toxic beliefs. Many people believe they will never be good enough in life or do well enough to be promoted at work. The fear often stems from being told you weren’t good enough in childhood. I teach clients to go back and look their demons in the eye – it’s like slaying the dragon in a fairy tale. Once you’ve faced the thing that scares you, it no longer has a hold over you.

“For over 30 years my mind and I haven’t always understood one another. I spent years with various therapists trying to ‘understand my past’ or ‘change my thoughts’ but something was missing. It was Claire. She has helped me understand ‘me’. I say ‘helped me’ because that is what she does; helps you to discover ‘you’, not be told who you are and why. Her methods are so engaging and thought-provoking that I find so many answers in myself that were there all along – Claire helped to guide me to them. I feel like I finally have confidence in who I am and Claire has helped me do the impossible; smile, relax and most of all, to like myself again. I simply cannot recommend her enough.”

Julia, Herts

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