Are you feeling restless and unable to concentrate?

Do you experience unjustified anger?

Are you experiencing sleepless nights?

Do you suffer with panic attacks?


Anxiety is a common issue that, left untreated, can be quite debilitating. Using a range of powerful tools and methodologies, I gently uncover the causes of your anxiety and teach you techniques to help you feel more at peace and to self-soothe.

I appreciate how hard it can be to take that first step and come into counselling. The relationship that builds between client and Counsellor/Therapist is a very important aspect of our work and it is vital that you choose someone you are comfortable working with. You can see what some of my clients have said about my practice here and if you would like to discuss how I can help with your own difficulties,

“Claire has given me the tools to counsel myself so that when I find myself thinking about situations or am dealing with difficulties or uncertainties, I am able to stand back and examine them objectively and in a more multifaceted way.”

Jonathan, Herts.

Email or call me on 07957 418 985 to discuss this issue in confidence.