Ease Your Fears And Take Control of Your Worries featured in Spirit & Destiny Magazine

Ease your fears and take control of your worries

Spiritual Life Counsellor Claire Eva Pierce describes Psychosynthesis therapy as ‘psychology with a soul’[1], as it values the soul as the source of our psychological health.  Claire says, “I help clients tune into their inner voice.  One exercise I sometimes use is for them to visualise themselves going up a mountain to consult a wise sage about a question and listening to the answer. This technique bypasses the mind and allows them to connect with their higher self – it’s that voice in your head you sometimes hear but ignore.”

Claire also teaches her clients to focus on their breathing. She explains, ”Long, slow exhalation allows us to focus on being in the moment and stop worrying. I also encourage clients to pray to their God, or whoever they regard as sacred, and ask for direction. This guidance may appear in dreams, signs and messages and synchronistic events, such as bumping into someone you haven’t seen for years and them giving you information or advice that could take you on a different path in your life. ‘Another useful exercise is to write two letters to your God – one listing all your worries and anxieties and the other including all the good things in your life you have to be thankful for.”

Spiritual Life Counsellor Claire Eva Pierce says, “Fear of not being good enough is one of the most toxic beliefs. Many people believe they will never be good enough in life or do well enough to be promoted at work. The fear often stems from being told you weren’t good enough in childhood. I teach clients to go back and look their demons in the eye – it’s like slaying the dragon in a fairy tale. Once you’ve faced the thing that scares you, it no longer has a hold over you.’

Extract from the original article in Spirit and Destiny, June 2009

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[1] ‘A Psychology with a Soul’ – Jean Hardy